Discover what's unique about your business, and how best to convey it to your target markets.

Brand Equity Starts Here

Brand development is a very important art and science that gets overlooked at times, often mixed in with marketing and sales processes. Whether they realize it or not, every entrepreneur and business owner is building a brand. It’s always best if the brand development process is intentional and not done on the fly. A process in three steps:

  1. Positioning
    The most essential first step in successful branding is establishing a Positioning Statement – a four-sentence, two-paragraph statement articulating what makes an organization unique, relevant to its target audiences and defendable over the long term.
  2. Strategic & Creative Development
    Ensuring that all marketing materials print, broadcast, out-of-home and online agree and support the positioning statement is essential to the building of brand equity.
  3. Faithful Execution
    The process of staying on brand and remaining relevant to target audiences is a steady drumbeat, adherence to a plan and tracking effectiveness.

The result: Increased brand equity and lower marketing costs.

Case Studies

Firefighter Air Coalition

Helping You Breathe Easy Is What We Do. The Firefighter Air Coalition is an advocacy group dedicated to promoting firefighter safety through the use of air management best practices, advanced…

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GreenWaste & Zanker Recycling

A Brighter Shade of Green. GreenWaste Recovery, Zanker Recycling, and its four affiliated companies quickly grew into one of the most innovative waste recovery companies in the world. Yet, with…

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Almaden Country Day School

With increased competition and a shrinking market, Almaden Country School knew it was in need of a fresh look and sophisticated messaging to maintain its high grade. The school hired…

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