Firefighter Air Coalition

Helping You Breathe Easy Is What We Do.

The challenge in branding this new firefighter health and safety organization was to give it a bold brand identity with a nod to its mission: “The Firefighter Air Coalition is an advocacy group dedicated to promoting firefighter safety through the use of air management best practices, advanced fireground research, and the adoption of codes requiring Firefighter Air Replenishment Systems (FARS).”

The deadly impacts of fire smoke are the leading cause of line-of-duty death within the fire service. The FAC targets thought leaders and decision-makers who create standards for fire codes or are in a position to adopt fire codes that specifically relate to supplying air replenishment to first responders in a large structure fire, so firefighters have an endless supply of clean air to breathe and avoid exposure to toxic smoke.


Orloff Marketing built the brand and developed creative executions to push its message across all media. As a result, the Firefighter Air Coalition (FAC) went from being an obscure new advocacy group to one of the fire service’s most trustworthy sources of information on firefighter health and safety through air management. Because of their efforts, FARS systems are currently required by code in cities in 20 states across the U.S., and that number is growing. Now, citizens breathe easier because firefighters breathe easier.


Most of FAC’s communications occur through social media and banner advertising on fire service websites. We developed a clean, airy brand that would stand out in an environment that typically is cluttered with advertising that is dark, technical, and relies heavily on images of equipment rather than people. While smoke is the problem, it was important to communicate air as the solution.


We created a search-optimized website that educates the target audience about the dangers of fire smoke and provides credible information on solutions that are close at hand.

The result is a website that ranks among the top in a FARS search, and growing acceptance of the FAC’s message that air management is a critical life safety priority for firefighters. This is evidenced by the explosive growth in codes requiring FARS across the country.

Social Media Marketing

We designed a social media marketing program comprised by organic and paid campaigns using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Our main goal was to insert the FAC into the national conversation about firefighter health and safety. The messaging included fire service trends and regulations, fire science and research news, health data, and information on FAC’s activities. During fire code adoption cycles, we narrowed the focus to key jurisdictions that had indicated an interest in adopting a FARS code. We ran Facebook advertising targeted by region and aimed at local decision-makers and influences to support those code efforts.



We’ve produced more than 30 videos covering topics ranging from the dangers of fire smoke, to cancer in the fire service, to FARS.

As social media has become more video-driven, these videos have been crucial to building the FAC’s social media audience and supporting the FAC’s four areas of advocacy. See more videos on Firefighter Air Coalition’s YouTube page.


Media Relations

Working with the FAC’s managing director, we leveraged our collective 60 years of relationships with members of the news media to secure publicity of live demonstrations of Firefighter Air Coalition-sponsored events at firefighter training facilities throughout the country. At these events, firefighters working under live burn conditions talked about the importance of air management and showed how FARS systems bring clean breathing air to firefighters in a toxic, smoky environment.

In one major city, we used our media relations savvy to support the local firefighters’ union in their fight to keep a FARS code in place. An effort to rescind the code was being driven by local developers seeking to reduce building cost at the expense of firefighter safety. We framed the issue for local media, and we were successful in securing a story favorable to our cause on the city’s most-read news site. The story generated significant comment from members of the community. City leadership listened, and the effort to rescind the code was defeated. See more news coverage on Firefighter Air Coalition’s YouTube page.

Graphic Design

We also created full suite of materials that support the work of the FAC. Those include:

  • Data sheets and brochures
  • Print and online advertising
  • Tradeshow displays and other collateral
  • PowerPoint presentations

Account Management

Part of our success in working with not-for-profit clients is our ability to track our progress and quantify the cost/value of our work. This drives better decision-making and improves the return on the investment of the client’s marketing dollars.

Our monthly updates include:

  • Detailed marketing reports detailing the performance of social media marketing activities, search engine optimization rankings, emerging best practices in online marketing, and status of open assignments;
  • As-needed team meetings with the client to monitor progress and update marketing activities and budgets;
  • And the use of cloud-based account management platforms like Basecamp and Tick Time Tracking for accurate billing and accountability.



“Orloff Marketing has been with the Firefighter Air Coalition from the start. Their ability to define our brand in unique and relevant terms has allowed us to successfully execute our business plan across North America”.

Firefighter Air Coalition



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Since 1992, Orloff Marketing has worked with trade and business organization of all types. Our efforts have raised their awareness, advanced their causes, and helped them attract and retain members. Our clients have included:

  • Rotary Club of San Jose
    • Branding, graphic design, special events, media relations, community relations, and video production
  • San Jose Chamber of Commerce
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  • San Jose Downtown Association
    • Branding, graphic design, and special events
  • Tri-County Apartment Association
    • Media relations, crisis communications, special events, and media training

Related Experience

From the archives: we’ve had a lot of fun over the years promoting signature events for the San Jose Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club of San Jose and San Jose Downtown Association.

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