Build a Legacy of Safety.

Rescue Air Systems specializes in the design and engineering of firefighter air replenishment systems (FARS). FARS are a building-installed standpipe for air that deliver a safe, instant, constant supply of air replenishment to firefighters. With FARS, firefighters can refill their air bottles in two minutes or less under full respiration at fill stations located throughout a high-rise or other complex structure. During a large structure fire, FARS can make the difference between life and death.

In 2016, Orloff Marketing was retained to development a new brand platform to support RescueAir’s mission to bring easy access to safe breathing air to every firefighter in North America.

Today, we’re pleased to continue to be of service to RescueAir and proud that their air replenishment systems are now required by code in cities in 20 U.S. states and Quebec, Canada. More than 500 large buildings from coast-to-coast are equipped with RescueAir systems, and the number is growing fast.


RescueAir’s branding project began with an internal brand audit of the company. This included a profile of the market in which it operates, and an assessment of the company’s performance in reaching key segments within that market. We presented the results to senior management with go-forward recommendations and a recommended positioning statement that would serve as the basis of our communications.

RescueAir was first to market with a breakthrough technology to make delivery of air replenishment to firefighters in big buildings as simple as supplying them with water.

After years of vetting, in 2015 the International Code Council published a code standard for FARS. The code is currently an opt-in for cities that want to require FARS.

However, code adoptions were spotty, and in some cities, pushback from the development community stalled code adoption efforts. Ironically, the development community was also an important target audience, since RescueAir operates in the construction space and contracts with developers and their general contractors, architectural firms, engineering firms, and fire protection firms.

Our challenges:

  1. Accelerate awareness and acceptance of FARS, a relatively unknown product within the fire service — a market that is slow to change standard practices, accept new technologies, and update building codes.
  2. Simultaneously build brand awareness for RescueAir within the construction industry, which generally dislikes new regulations, and establish the company as a trusted source for FARS to builders.
  3. Create a visual identity for the company that would differentiate it from other fire service products and communicate RescueAir’s fresh, technology-driven alternative to antiquated means and methods of air delivery.

The brand audit helped us define and segment the audience. We then developed a positioning statement would resonate with both of the key audience segments, despite their diverse and divergent interests.

“RescueAir offers the world’s first built-in firefighter air system. Unlike current archaic rescue methods, or any other patched-together solution, RescueAir provides a permanent, building-wide, foolproof, always-ready system of air delivery during a fire, earthquake, bio attack or other disaster, so you can know you’ve done everything possible to save the heroes who saved your building.”


The positioning statement guided the development of all communications activities, including media choices, messaging, tone, and graphic approach. We designed a new company logo that was a huge departure from the traditional badge- and helmet-inspired graphics that dominated the fire protection industry, and created a new slogan,”Build a Legacy of Safety,” that clearly aligned with the aspirations of RescueAir’s two very different target audiences: the fire service and the building trade.

By finding a way to speak to both segments with a consistent, singular message, we were able to maximize our client’s marketing budget, push code adoptions, generate sales revenue, and create and build equity in a strong brand with lasting impact.

Website & SEO

As RescueAir’s industry grew and other players entered the market, the company’s position on Google searches dropped. Our most recent update of their website was designed to boost their search engine optimization (SEO) while remaining faithful to our brand standards.

To maximize SEO, we created new content aimed at generating more organic traffic.

  • We worked with the company’s certified installer network to encourage them to create FARS pages on their websites with link backs to RescueAir.
  • We secured earned media coverage of the company from highly trusted media outlets and placed content about RescueAir on key websites Google upranks, all with link backs, driving up RescueAir’s SEO performance.
  • We kept the website news page fresh, with frequent updates on new projects and industry honors.

In addition to having a site that is readable, functional, and informative, the RescueAir website is consistently the first listed site on a Google search for “firefighter air replenishment systems.” Visit

Advertising & Advertorials

We negotiated several FARS special sections in fire service publications like Fire Engineering and Firehouse magazines. We developed advertorial content, commissioned photography, and created print ads that appeared within the special section. We’ve also created advertising campaigns for RescueAir that ran in industry trades.

Graphic Design

We’ve supported RescueAir’s marketing efforts with a full complement of marketing materials, including:

  • Product folders
  • Brochures and product sheets
  • Tradeshow displays and other collateral
  • Social media marketing posts
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Customer gifts

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More on RescueAir

We’ve supported RescueAir’s marketing efforts with a full complement of marketing materials.

From the Archives

In 2009, Orloff Marketing lead the marketing in the start up phase of a medical device company Vascular Designs, that perfected a device to bring cancer treatment chemicals directly to a tumor. The product was called is Isoflow. Assignments included branding, web development, product sheets and media relations.

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